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About Asher Carpet Cleaners

The Asher carpet and sofa cleaners company was established in Egypt at the turn of the century. Grandpa Shlomo was responsible for rug repairs in the palaces of King Farouk of Egypt. The King had seven palaces at different locations throughout Egypt.

The family made Aliya to Israel in 1945, and reestablished the business in the Shabazi neighborhood (now Neve Tzedek) in Tel-Aviv. This was actually the first carpet cleaning business in Israel.

The company developed and progressed over the years; however, to this day we maintain the tradition of artistic rug repair, including the repair and rehabilitation of rugs according to ancient, primitive methods including artistic coloring and repair, and of course the cleaning of rugs.

At present, the business employs advanced American technologies at the forefront of carpet repair and cleaning.

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The company today

The company now employs 13 professional workers, experts in the cleaning of sofas, rugs, woven materials, curtains, upholstery, and different kinds of parquet. 

The Asher Carpet Cleaning facility is one of the most advanced in Israel in the carpet and sofa cleaning sector. All of the equipment and technology used in cleaning process is imported from the United States, and operated by the expert artisans, highly skilled at working according to traditional methods of treating artistic carpets. 

Each rug receives the treatment most suitable to its characteristics, in order to achieve the best results.

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The owners of Asher Carpet Cleaners are certified carpet professionals, with credentials in the area of damage appraisal and assessment in rugs and textile products including parquet and upholstery. Asher Carpet Cleaners has for decades specialized in the rehabilitation and renewal of old furniture. The plant works in cooperation with the Israel Standards Institute. Manufacturers of rugs and furniture around the world share knowledge and information in this complex area.

The company has deep knowledge ties with renowned carpet manufacturers abroad, who are available for consulting on any professional matter, including countries that we do not have direct commercial ties with.

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